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Your Guide to Plus-Size Sex Positions  

If there’s anything we could use more of, it’s pleasure - and plus sized babe’s are no exception! 

While there’s a common assumption that plus sized folks don’t have sexual needs, or can’t have proper sex, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, we may be bumping & grinding more than most - and we aren’t apologizing for it. Just like everyone else, we share our fare share of things like insecurities, struggling to find the right plus sized sex positions, or being able to embrace ourselves fully with our partner.  

Rest assured, you aren’t alone in this endeavor - buckle in for the (blissful) ride! Whether you’re feeling insecure naked or need a little oomph in how to get the best of your pleasure, these plus sized sex positions are geared to make sure you don’t miss a thump (or O!).


Believe it or not, the biggest barrier to incredible plus sized sex isn’t your belly or booty - it’s your confidence.

In a world that glorifies the thin body, it can feel daunting to get butt naked and getting down with someone (especially if they aren’t plus sized). So, let’s clear the air: 


Your partner wants to see you (and every inch of you) naked. 

Your partner knows you are plus sized & wants to enjoy YOU. That’s why they are here in the first place, so let go of the insecurities that may be holding you up. If there’s an insecurity that you can’t get past during sex, talk about it with your partner - odds are they have some wonderful things to say about your gorgeous, plus-sized body to get you relaxed.


No, you aren’t going to crush your partner. 

That’s right ladies, being on top of their face isn’t going to crush them - it’s what our partner’s want! 

If you’re looking to ride or be on their face, start with a hover and slowly adjust your weight down on them by asking what feels comfortable. I recommend putting your hands down to shift your weight forward & support yourself, being able to enjoy all they have to offer you. 

All positions can be modified for plus-sized sex

All positions can be turned into plus-sized sex positions to accommodate your needs - don’t let this stop you from getting creative!


Sex toys are for plus sized people

 Sex toys, especially high tech ones, are a plus sized person’s best friend. The days of trying to reach our vulva’s over our bellies are over, and the perfect plus-sized positions combined with toys to help us enjoy pleasure to the max. 

Plus Sized Sex Positions
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Solo Positions for Plus Size Masturbation 

Position 1- The Statue

 When masturbating, sometimes we want to receive all the pleasure and relax - if you practice the statue, you’ll get just that. 

Utilizing a high tech toy like any of Velvet Co.’s Thrusting line, you can suction cup a dildo of your choice to a wall or floor, letting the hand-held fucking machine do the work for you. That’s right: Simply position yourself standing, on all fours, or ready to ride and let the Thruster take you to penetration heaven while you don’t move a muscle!

Position 2- The Yogi

 Putting a pillow underneath your booty and back, bend and bring your legs to the side like yoga’s traditional “happy baby” position. Not only does this bring your vulva front and center, but it’s easy to touch yourself or use a toy while you can adjust your angle or rock your hips side to side. 

If your belly tends to get in the way of being able to successfully use a sex toy, you can find sex toys with reach attachments like Thruster’s Long Reach Handle (which fits any of their PRIME series toys). If vibes are more your…vibe, try the O Wand’s O-VIBE, which has an accessible handle to a powerful AF vibrator!

Position 3 - The Wave

 Lay on your stomach and position a vibrator in the perfect spot where you can grind against it. Rotate your hips up, and then curve them down to create the perfect “wave” movement against your toy! If this feels good, continue rocking your hips or get fancy by circling from side to side as the vibrator takes its course. Look at you, hands free!

Plus Sized Sex Positions, Plus Sized Sex Toys, Plus Sized Sex
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Plus Size Sex Positions with a Partner

 Position 1- The Energizer Bunny

Riding your partner can be a challenge when plus sized, as not enough support can have our muscles fatigued & tired out quickly. Regardless of size, there’s no reason we can’t be on top (and dominate the F out of it too)!

Hopping on top of our partner with your hands by the side of their face, have them put a bend in their legs. Instead of an “up and down” motion, ride your body forward & backward with their bend supporting your leg & booty. 

Not only can you go for longer, but this is a fabulous position for deep penetration and G-Spot stimulation.

Position 2- Classic Doggy Style 

Doggy style is an oldie, but still a goodie when it comes to the position department. For us plus sized babes? Well, it’s the holy grail of ass, ass, ass and more… ass. With an easy way to penetrate, experiment with depth by kneeling down or up depending on what feels best for you. 

Plus, this is the perfect position to get some anal play in, via hands or toys! Check out Thruster’s Anal Dildo Walter for sensational anal play, perfect for plus sized sex.

Position 3- The Pendulum

Pillows are our friends, and they grant all bodies the ability to play with curves, angles, and comfortability! Slide a pillow underneath your back and hips, raise your legs high to the sky and experiment with swinging your legs over, closer to your face.

With your legs up in the air & propped, you get to enjoy deeper, direct penetration at an angle that feels comfy AF for you. Don’t be afraid to go full straight legged or add some bend to the knees, having your partner use your legs as a pendulum for momentum.

Best Plus Size Sex Toys

Build Your Own Thruster Prime

Long Reach Handle 

Suction Cup Base 

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Turned on? Let’s go! We’re excited to see what fun you create with our plus-sized sex positions, making sure you embrace your body and pleasure to it’s fullest. Have more ideas to add? Send us a message!



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