We all want to start the year with a clean slate -- right? Well, what better way to do that than working towards overcoming (and over-cumming) any thing holding us back! 


  1. My partner isn’t interested in sex right now, and I totally get it, I’ve been in that place myself. However, I’m feeling really sexual these days. How can I sate my desire while keeping the door open for them to join when they’re ready again? 

Having mismatched libidos is one of the most common hiccups couples will face, especially in a long term relationship. Luckily, the answer to most mismatched libido hiccups is being able to satisfy yourself - aka, masturbation! Masturbation can help us satisfy our own needs while also enjoying some well earned self care, creating space to bond with our own bodies and take the pressure away from our partner. If you're a penetration fan, I would highly recommend any of the fabulous toys in the Thruster Prime collection - use them with yourself, and invite your partner to join in when they feel enticed.



  1. I can only climax if I imagine I’m fucking a stranger—whether alone or with a partner. Is there a way to keep my fantasy without disconnecting from my partners during sex?  

The word fantasy is wonderful because playing into our fantasies should be hot and celebrated, not ignored! When it comes to the fantasy of strangers, we are usually fantasizing about variety and the unknown. It doesn't mean your intentions are bad, it just gives way to be very creative with something like roleplay: Pick our characters for you and your partner to play, and act out the scene as "strangers". If your fantasies lead you to get jiggy with some out of this world toys, check out the playful line of sexy gadgets from Boutique Voila


  1. I’m heading into the new year single and dating is the last thing on my mind, I’m still in love with my ex. I’m not really interested in self-play either right now. How can I get my spark back? 

Ironically when it comes to sexual libido, if you don't use it you lose it! The best way to get your spark back is by carving out time to be sensual, sexual, and explore your needs. The more we can heal our desire with ourselves, the more we can keep our sexual energy alive and well. For something gentle and unique, I would recommend the Rose sex toy from Boutique Voila.