Self-Care Day: A Guide to Pleasure

What is Self Care Day? How Often Should I have a Self-Care Day? Why is Important to Celebrate a Self-Care Day? These are all great questions and today we plan on answering them all.

Life is really busy and with all the hustle and bustle of living, Sometimes we forget to really take care of ourselves and that doesn't just mean eating our favorite foods or reading a great book. Self Care is vital to not only our Physical and Emotional Health but also critical to our Sexual Health.

What is Self-Care Day?

Self-Care Day is a day that we have all put aside to help our physical, emotional, and mental health. No matter what the activity.  If it helps you relax, increases your overall mood, or relieves stress, we like to call that self-care. Everyone is wildly different, some of us enjoy nature as a way to relax, some pilates and others might enjoy a bit of shopping therapy, however, there is one thing that everyone enjoys and is proven to help with mood, stress, and overall happiness... Masturbation.  Don’t forget it,  

Benefits of Masturbation

When you have an orgasm, your body releases endorphins, which are hormones that block pain and make you feel good.  Essentially, it gives you a feel good mood, fast!  

Lots of research has shown that masturbation, no matter what gender, can have really great benefits,

Here are just a few.

  • release sexual tension
  • reduce stress
  • helps you sleep better
  • improve your self-esteem and body image
  • And, mutual masturbation helps relationships stay healthy.

Consider how Masturbation also helps you explore what sexually turns you on. Where do you want to be touched and how much pressure do you like? Do you like fast thrusting motion or a slow rubbing motion? Most men with average or smaller penis, can excel with women orgasms by mastering the later technique.  Learning how to have orgasms on your own can make it easier to have one with a partner.   Maybe selecting and watching some porn together for a mutual masturbation session can give you detail about your partner's interests or sexual fanstasy.  Don’t constrain the brain!

How Often Should I Have a Self-Care Day? 

This year Self-Care Day falls on the 24th of July.  But Our Velvet Thruster team says that's not enough.  Face it, most men are jacking off 7 days a week, everyone else - don't feel bad if you want to do the same. Of course if you're busy cultivating a productive life for yourself this is not likely….maybe consider, what some like to call, Self-Care Sunday.  Where one day a week they take time to indulge in a bit of personal self-care.  With a masturbation session, we think you can have a bit of self-care every day.  Our Velvet Thruster sex toys are, assured to be an enjoyable companion for any time you have a moment for self-love and self-care!.   Of course, the typical masturbation session with a sex toy lasts anywhere from 3-15 mins... It’s silly to neglect the health benefits of masturbation for all sexes. 

Top Sex Toys to Aid in Self-Care

Now that you know you can enjoy a bit of Self-Care every day, let's talk about having the right equipment for the job. Masturbation is not just about getting it done, it should be a journey of exploration that pushes you to explore sexual boundaries, it can be a solo act, or it can be a group activity, masturbation with sex toys is also a great marital aid. It only makes sense to use the best.

Thrusting Dildo: The Jackie Prime

This realistic thrusting dildo vibrator is our most popular adult pleasure product of The Velvet Thruster with 7 inches of insertable length, large average width, and easy entry tip. Nominated for best sex toy every year since introduced in 2018, and this is the new and improved model for 2021.  It's more compact, quieter, and has the same powerful patented drive - making it a top 10 sex toy for 2021 in most all major editorials and reviews.

Mini Thrusting Dildo: The Teddy

Teddy is the next leap in our Thruster series. It’s designed to deliver powerful orgasmic vibrating thrust in a package just the right size and the right price with AMAZING power. Meet the Thruster Mini - Teddy, a revolutionary handheld thrusting vibrator dildo.


Best Stainless Steel Dildo: The Capo

Nowhere else can you find a stainless steel vibrator, they don't exist. This heavy metal sex toy makes a great gift and is ideal for playing with yourself or used as fun for an intimate couple. L'Acier accessories allow you to change how you use and customize your metal dildo.  Enjoy the long-reach handle for easy reach and comfort while trying different positions or use the ring to easily control the vibration and movement with one finger. 


Best Lubricant: Gleam

Formulated using a pure sea kelp plant source of glycerol and Omega 3. This premium lubricant brand is designed to provide a silky smooth and comforting glide with no sticky or tacky residue. 


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