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In most areas of our lives, the line between tool and toy is pretty clear. Tools are intended to help perform work, while toys are entertaining or enjoyable to use. When it comes to pleasure products, however, the line is a lot less clear.

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Sex Toys As Health Implements

Considering the fact that masturbation and sex lead to plenty of health benefits, both physical and psychological, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that all sex toys are also health tools. In fact, the earliest vibrators were marketed for their health benefits, not for pleasure. Our Thrusters, which are designed to emulate the thrusting of a male penis and deliver satisfying sexual sensations, can certainly be considered health tools as well as pleasure toys.

The Line Between Tools And Toys

Though all sex toys can also be considered health tools, there is also a category of adult products out there that is unequivocally much more tool than toy. We define sex tools as those products that can’t give pleasure on their own but that can facilitate the process of getting there. Think sex furniture and penis lengthening sleeves.

When you think of pleasure products that can improve your sex life, chances are you’re thinking of sex toys such as vibrators and dildos, and not sex tools. From our experience, though, we know that good tools can be as life-changing as toys. From sex positions to penis length, there’s a lot that such tools can give us a boost in. When shopping for sex toys, we recommend that you consider tools as well. In this post, we’ll explore some of the most helpful tools available for intercourse and masturbation.

Sex Furniture

Pleasure is all about position. The right positions will help you hit erogenous zones and keep you cramp-free even during marathon sex, while the wrong ones will be uncomfortable and even painful. Sex furniture is a great tool to try out not just for intercourse, but also for masturbation. We recommend:

  • Sex Wedges, which help raise the rump and allow for easier, more pleasurable penetration;
  • Sex Chaises/Sofas, whose generously curved shapes help give support during even the most difficult of positions;
  • Sex Stools, which offer support and feature a gap in the middle for penetration;
  • Sex Swings, which suspend one or both partners in the air for weightless penetration in any position;
  • Sex Toy Mounts, which hold a dildo, wand vibrator, or your Thruster in place so you can get penetrated at the ideal angle.

Another benefit of sex tools such as furniture is that certain pieces can open doors for differently abled individuals looking to get a more satisfying sexual experience despite limited ranges of movement. Sex stools, for instance, allow the person on top to be penetrated with virtually no stress to the legs. Sex swings, on the other hand, can help individuals get into any position they want without having to hold themselves up.

BDSM Tools

The world of BDSM sex tools is a limitless and imaginative one. If you’re curious about bondage and interested in giving it a try, start by reading this blog post from our archives. If you’re already an experienced kinkster, then you’re already more than acquainted with these tools. To introduce an element of power play to your bedroom, mix and match toys from the categories below.

Restraint Tools

Restraint sex tools give one partner power over another and heighten sensations through helplessness. Our favorites, roughly arranged from easy to use to advanced, include ball gags, rope, handcuffs, spreader bars, bed restraints, and suspension cuffs.

Stimulation Tools

One of the most distinct elements of BDSM play is giving extreme sensations bordering on pain. You can use hardcore sex toys such as vibrating wands and, of course, our Thrusters, to force orgasms. We also recommend the Wartenberg wheel, one of our favorite instances of a medical tool being re-appropriated for sex.

Penis Tools

Penises come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes two sets of genitals just won’t be compatible with one another. If you’re the proud owner of a penis and think that your size is getting in the way of having the best sex you can, you have a few options.

You could try a girth or length extender, some of which are capable of enhancing feeling for the wearer. Or, for those of you who are overly well-endowed to the point of causing pain, try using a penis buffer of “bumper” to keep your member from entering all the way during penetration. Finally, don’t underestimate the power of penis rings, which may be tiny sex tools, but can definitely help you stay harder for longer during sex!

Vaginal Tools

Penises aren’t the only genitalia that can get help from tools: vaginal size and strength can also be benefitted by adding pleasure products into the mix.

Vaginal Dilators

Vaginal dilators are tube-shaped implements that can be used to increase the size of a too-narrow vagina. It’s useful not just for naturally smaller vaginas but also for vaginas that have shrunken due to physical conditions or menopause.

Kegel Exercisers

Kegel balls and exercisers are sex tools that help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which in turn can help tighten your vagina. Since the vaginal floor muscles contract during orgasm, you’ll also experience more powerful orgasms after successful training. Kegels also happen to be one of those items that toe the line between toy and tool: while they’re generally used as tools, they can also be dual-purposed as sex toys during foreplay!

The Thruster

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Sure, sex tools may not be that exciting to use on their own, but they can vastly upgrade the pleasure you do get out of intercourse and toy use. There are endless ways, for instance, that you can use them to enhance playtime with The Thruster. You could slip a penis girth enhancer over The Jackie to get an even more filling sensation; you could restrain your partner and then deliver forced orgasms with The Frankie; or, you could use a sex toy mount with The Walter for thrilling backdoor sex in the doggy style position.

Our Thrusters are thrilling to use alone. Get creative with sex tools and you’ll only be rewarded further. View our collection now to discover the model that will hit all your sweet spots!