Are expensive sex toys necessarily better? Celebrities and lifestyle bloggers alike gush about luxury gold-plated sex toys that we simply “must have” and ergonomic game-changing vibrators that are supposed to be the best sex toys ever.

Some of the most expensive sex toys out there are more extravagant than practical. Read on to learn if it’s worth spending your hard-earned money on these luxury sex toys?

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Toys That Are Not Worth It:

While we’ll never say no to a luxury sex toy, here are some of the toys that are expensive not because they’ll send you to orgasm heaven, but because they’re made out of expensive stuff. These are the toys that may not be everything they’re touted to be:

Bejeweled Sex Toys

The most expensive sex toys on the market are exclusive luxury items that often look like jewelry. The price tags range from steep to extra-steep. The Lelo INEZ is a gold-plated vibrator that costs $15,000, but then there’s Beckham’s Gift, an exclusive $1.8 million Platinum vibrator that David Beckham had custom designed for Victoria Beckham.

Why aren’t these the best sex toys ever? Firstly, they aren’t worth their weight in gold. Gold-plated vibrators don’t have that much gold on them. The interior is the same as in any vibrator. Secondly, the precious metals don’t exactly improve the experience at all, unless bling turns you on (more on that later).

Crazy Gag Toys

One of the wackiest and most expensive sex toys on the market is The Moby, a 3-foot-tall realistic dildo. It will set you back a good $500 or so bucks. While this is an absolute must-have for any novelty dildo collector, it isn’t worth the price for the rest of us. Novelty sex toys such as The Moby can be quite expensive. Why spend so much money on something you can’t even really use?

Toys That Are Totally Worth It:

Relative to their cost, these are some of the luxury expensive sex toys that are totally worth it:

Sex Furniture

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Sex furniture is one of those categories that can get a little pricey. If you want to explore the limits of pleasure, though, furniture can help you get there. From sex wedges to sex swings and full-blown sex couches, these pieces are designed to give you a boost or help you get into a specific position. With the right furniture, even exotic positions can become totally doable!

Feel weird about having props for sex? Just know that yogis use blocks and cushions for support too, and yoga and sex have a lot in common. For one, they’re both workouts. Sex furniture may become the most expensive sex toy in your collection, but it is generally long-lasting and should give you enough use to justify its expense.

Luxury Vibrators/ Prostate Massagers

Sex toy designers are on a continual quest to better understand human physiology. Modern sex toys offer better, safer pleasure than ever, creating new sensations and exploring new zones. Vibrators are now able to more effectively target the G-spot and even stimulate oral sex; for men, on-target prostate massagers have become some of the best sex toys ever.

The Thruster

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Our line of sex toys, The Thruster, are making new thrusting sensations possible for everyone. With these ample, satisfying toys, get anal or vaginal 3” thrust at speeds of up to 140 intense thrusts per minute.

Priced at $199,the Thruster may become one of the more expensive sex toys in your collection, but it is much more affordable than toys with similar thrust capacities. Typical thrusting sex machine toys are huge and expensive, often costing up to $1500.

The Thruster helps you hit your sweet spots at just the right angle and speed. It’s a streamlined people-pleaser and is the first to offer a realistic thrusting experience on a more portable, affordable scale.

Luxury Bondage Gear

Are you and your boo bondage or roleplay enthusiasts? If you are, some of the best sex toys ever for your wish list is luxury bondage gear. If you’ve seen Fifty Shades Of Grey, then you already know that luxury can be titillating. No wonder some of the most expensive sex toys out there are things like Swarovski butt plugs, collars made from real pearls, and artisanal whips with glass dildos as handles. They may sound excessive, but they’re all real.

When it comes to bondage, setting the mood is all part of the fun. Are you or your partner excited by dominance? There’s no way better than to have her wear a diamond collar and leash that you control. Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to some classy luxury bondage gear.

What’s On Your Wishlist?

Your bedroom is a haven, so make it a habit to treat yourself once in a while with an expensive luxury sex toy. Make having great sex a part of your self-care routine. If you don’t have a wish list of exciting expensive luxury sex toys already, now could be the time. It will give you and your partner something to aspire to, even if you don’t actually intend to buy them. Whether you prefer high-tech or bejeweled, naughty or nice, there are fun sex toys out there for you to meet and love. If thrust is your thing, then head to our product page. The Thruster is a great toy to start with!

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